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where to start

O man I don't know where to start.. SO MUCH... and of couse you don't want ot do the practical stuff first... 

Re: where to start

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    Everything always starts with a budget.  Because that drives every single decision you'll make from that point on.

    So sit down, decide what your budget is, and how much you'll have to be saving to reach that number.
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    1- Venue- find one that you love and that usually helps you pick a date based on what they have available.
    The rest can be done in no specific order:
    Caterer- if venue does not make you use their's.
    Colors- Bridesmaid dresses
    Honeymoon- for me this was the most fun to plan.
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    First, create a budget.  This isn't difficult to do with the Knot's budgeting tool.  You enter in how much you want to spend, and it allocates how much you should spend on each aspect of your wedding.  You will have to do some tweaking to fit your personal needs, but it's a great place to start.

    Buy a local wedding mag to get some venue and vendor ideas.  You can also look at the fun pictures :)
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    Budget Budget Budget!!  Find out how much you have to work with and then go from there.  No point in venue shopping if you don't know how much you can spend.

    And this should go without saying...but you shouldn't approach others asking what they plan on contributing (ie your parents.)  If they want to offer, they will.  If they don't say anything, assume they won't contribute.
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    1) Budget
    2) Approximate Guest List (for counting estimating purposes)
    3) Venues
    4) Food and Booze

    Everything falls into place naturally after that.
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    for us, it was
    ~venue (our home, we have a huge shop for reception hall, this was automatic decision)
    ~guest list, (which was decided on my our "venue")
    ~a general idea budget, basically we are spending the least amount that we can for everything, and with the exception of me and my maids attire credit card, paying cash for everything. 
    ~photographer, a friend needed a 4 days/nights babysitter a few months ago, shes photographing the wedding for me in exchange.
    ~ stds
     the rest of the planning: decor, attire, invitations has all been mixed together.
    next we have to meet with our caterer, figure out rentals, plan the ceremony.
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