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Do you compare your wedding with others?

So... my Fi's family went to a wedding over the weekend for a distant cousin (son of the cousin of Fi's father got married)... they invited us too, but we had plans and we only met them once, so we opted to decline their invitation. Anyways, so Fi's family (aunts, dad, uncles, grandma, etc) got back from the wedding and are speechless and impressed how great their wedding was. How big, beautiful, fun, etc that cousin's wedding was. The bride's dad is a CEO for a big hospital in my city, so they are loaded. They had signature drinks, party was going on til 1 am, etc... so now I'm sitting here and feel like, our wedding will be nothing compared to theirs... my FI and I are paying for our own wedding, so we won't have a big wedding. We wont have a lot of guests, we wont have signature drinks at our reception, etc... I feel kinda bumped, that his family might think our wedding is not as grandiose and exciting as the cousin's wedding... they wont enjoy themselves as much as they did over the weekend... do you ever feel like that?
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