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Terrible last minute interview

Just need to cyber cry a little. I applied for a promotion at my current job the end of last week. All of a sudden today I'm called in for a spur of the moment interview. I was so frazzled and did horribly. Today of all days was especially not good for this because I was in bed sick all day yesterday and not feeling all that great. I almost didn't even come in to work today. When he asked me the typical "do you have any questions" I went blank...I already work for the company so it's not like I could pull out the usual type of questions you would ask without sounding like an idiot. Definitely not a "think on your feet" kind of day for me:(  Anybody have a good story about a spur of the moment interview like this?
"When life hands you lemons, make a beef stew." Andy Milinokis
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