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Totally Bummed....

This wedding planning was exciting.... until my mom got so involved. Every suggestion we have had or wanted from anything  as simple as the invitation paper to something as big as well anything has been told "wow I wonder when you started growing money trees in your backyard, can I have a piece?" 

Ok, so seriously, 100% truth. I come from a relatively poor low-income family. Love my family dearly it doesn't matter to me the amount of money in their bank accounts --- FH's family isn't rich, but certainly isn't hurting. We would LOVE to pay for our wedding ourselves and that was the plan all along --- might I add WAS THE PLAN. 

Everything has been turned into I'll pay for this, and we'll get this, oh and  we'll do this. I understand our parents want to help and don't get my wrong I'm not unappreciate of it AT ALL... However, it still is our day and I'd like some say in it. The only thing I've 100% picked and that was a fight was our colors and my dress which I have to give credit to my amazing FMIL because she just knew when I came out that that was the one and there was no question about that so she helped with the downpayment and FH and I will pay the other half of the dress. 

I'm not trying to sound whiny or rude, just realistic. Isn't our wedding day supposed to be about us and who we are as a couple and brining our seperate lives together and making a family? I just don't get it..... I'm really about at my limit of was excited to pure not looking forward to this at all anymore and ready to just say screw it and tell me when and where to show up. :( 

*Sorry in advance if you all think I'm being a jerk, because I'm sure with a chat board full of overly-stressed women that you'll all think I'm being a bitch, but I can't really vent at my family or BP. --- really just sad and depressed. Cry *
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