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Two ministers at a ceremony?

Does anyone know a good way to involve two ministers during the ceremony? My future father-in-law is a pastor, so we assumed he would do the ceremony. But then I thought about my uncle, who is also a pastor, and I know it would mean a lot to him to be part of the ceremony. I know this has been done before. Let me know your ideas!


Re: Two ministers at a ceremony?

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    I had an interfaith ceremony so I had two officiants.  The minister did a welcome, the marriage address, the vows, the ring exchange, the unity candle, the closing prayer and the pronouncement of marriage.

    The rabbi also did a welcome, a Jewish blessing, the explanation of the rings, the benediction, and the breaking of the glass.

    In your case, you could easily just alternate the parts of the ceremony between the two if you wanted.  Ours flowed easily from one thing to another even though 2 people were sharing the duties.

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    We're having two ministers at our ceremony and they're collaborating together how they want to break up the different parts of the ceremony and on their sermonette. If your two ministers know each other or could be introduced before the wedding this could be a great way!
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    My father who is only recently ordained, but in a different tradition than FI and I (we were both raised Presbyterian and my father is now a Baptist), will be doing several of the scirpture lessons, and leading the pastoral and Lord's prayer.  I have also asked him to give the blessing at dinner.

    The minister of my home church, who has been my pastor and mentor for years will do the bulk of the ceremony, in the tradition FI and I were raised.

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    My cousin's wedding had two ministers, because they wanted the bride's father to do the official ceremony, but he also wanted to walk his daughter down the aisle.  Since my cousin's paternal grandfather was also a minister(same denomination, even), he started things off, and then handed it over to the bride's father in time for the vows.

    Probably not what you're looking for, precisely, but for ideas on how something might work with two officiants, try doing a search for modern pagan weddings or handfastings.  A lot of them have priest/priestess combos for officiating, and the ceremony itself can be changed while keeping the "two officiants" thing.
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