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Candles, sand, what else is there?

So you everyone knows about these two ways of showing the symbolism of unity, is there anything else? We are not being too traditional and I figured this one piece we can bring into our ceremony for the traditionalist in our families. So there's that question..... One more

We are having my sister-in-law to be marry us, found a website and she's "ordained" now. I really love her, she's super down to earth and we both wanted someone that's a part of our lives to marry us, so it works out, but she's never done this before and neither have we. I'm not very religious in the christian sense so I do not want to have the usual scriptures, while I believe the are fitting and lovely, I want something different. I've looked through a lot of poetry and well known proverbs, is there something that any of you gals have come across that would be fitting? We will be exchanging our own vows so it's more or less the intro, rings, and exit that we need to fill. Thanks!
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