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Ceremony music

We have asked my fiance's sister to sing at the wedding but I am having trouble coming up with something for her to sing.  She is also in the wedding party so I guess she would have to sing as part of the recessional.  She is a soprano and we are looking into hiring a guitarist or harpist to accompany her.  We are not religious so I would prefer something that isn't "churchy" but still appropriate for a ceremony.  Any ideas?

Re: Ceremony music

  • It doesn't have to be the recessional.  My friend had her sister/bridesmaid sing and play during the ceremony.  She just slipped out of her position at the alter, went over to the area set up for her to sing and did her song, then went back to her spot.
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  • You can have her sing at any point in the ceremony. I think it would be nice before the vows are said. I don't know what you should have her sing, but if you go to they have a great music section... one song I'm really in love with right now is "Stay With You" by John Legend. It acknowledges that there will be tough times, but that you're committed to staying  with that person. It's very sweet.

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