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question & frustration - guest info

Hello fellow brides! How are you handling getting information out to guests?  I have a website that was printed on the STDs with lots of info about hotels, schedule, the room block that i set up, shuttles, maps... and yet, I have had many people ask me all of this info over and over. I've had people say they dont like hotels - do i know of any houses in the area to rent for a week? I've had people ask me to give them rides from the airport/the hotel/to the venue/to the salon. I have had friends ask for a place to stay for the weekend. What is going on here? Are people not getting the info clearly or do they really want me to let them stay at my house and have me pick them up at the airport on my wedding day? Any suggestions about how to clarify guest info are welcome!

Re: question & frustration - guest info

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    People just don't get it sometimes. I don't really have a suggestion for the people who don't like hotels, though I don't really understand how renting a house is much different than getting a hotel room. For the people asking for rides, keep a local taxi company's number on hand and just give that out anytime someone asks.
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    Well, I found my WTF moment for the day. So sorry you are having so much trouble. I don't understand why people would think it is your responsibility to provide them with all this information!  Ditto MissHart on the taxi number. For everyone else, I guess I would ask them if they have tried Googling for that info. If anyone flat out asks you to stay at your house, tell them you will be far too busy that weekend to be a proper hostess. 
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    People can just be lazy, unfortunately.  When I was getting married, I wanted to rip out my hair because I had spent hours making a lovely and informative website with every. possible. detail. ever.  What did 50% of people do?  Call me.

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    People can be so stupid!

    For those that ask for the information already up, I would say "I made a website so everyone would have easy access to that info.  Did you see the link on the STD?"  

    For the rest of them, I'd be tempted to be rude, but I'd probably suggest that they call their travel agent or google it.  If someone asked me for a ride from the airport, I'd probably just go to the dumbfounded confusion stare.  
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    Thanks for the tips ladies! I will just keep pointing to the website and hope the hint is taken.
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    wigs1... don't think you're alone, I also share this frustration!!  I'm not sure when it became the bride and groom's problem/responsibility to arrange airport transportation and other hotel/accommodations, etc. We have a wedding website and also sent out a mass email to all family and close friends with ALL the possible details.  I included the 3 closest airports, along with driving time from each.  Included what airlines flew into each airport, and what car rental agencies were available.  Listed 3 diferent hotels, with prices, website, contact info, even if they had a pool and free wifi!!!  

    Quite a few ppl have asked for me to pick them up at the airport 1-3hrs away from the venue, also to arrange hotel accomodations. I also had our officiant, who is a very close friend, tell us to come up with a plan B if he couldn't get a free flight using points.  then when he got a free flight, asked if he could crash with the wedding party the night before and after the wedding.  

    *smile* and know that soon enough, it will be over.  they will make their own arrangements. 
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    Thanks Miranda! I can't wait for everyone to have their travel arrangements done so we can get to the fun stuff, hehe.
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