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Ceremony flowers....

Would you reuse your ceremony flowers (the ones that were used to decorate the church) at your reception or is that just tacky? I wouldn't use them as centerpieces obviously but I was thinking of using them to possibly decorate the halls hallways and/or staircases. Now that I think about that though... someone would have to quickly swipe the ceremony flowers and set them up at the reception before anyone got there. It'd probably be a lot of extra work and a rush for time. I guess I just answered my own question...
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Re: Ceremony flowers....

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    It's fine, why would it be tacky?  A lot of people go that route, or just skip decorating the church altogether, since you aren't there for very long.  Unless the arrangements are particularly complicated, it shouldn't take a huge amount of effort to simply move them from one location to another.  It's no different than reusing the reception centerpieces at brunch the next morning.
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    I would have if I could, but our church "requested" that we leave the ceremony flowers there to decorate the church for the weekend masses. (This is in their guidelines, they didn't ask only us).

    They even called a few days beforehand to see what type of flowers we were using to see if they could use them to decorate for an upcoming confirmation ceremony.
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    It's not tacky at all, it's smart!  If you have someone that you can ask to do it, it only takes a second.  We used a couple of our centerpieces at the ceremony and had one of our Ushers just go put them back while the guests were going through the receiving line.  It was quick and easy and no big deal at all.
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    ExpatPumpkinExpatPumpkin member
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    Yes, we reused our church flowers.  That's something I explicitly asked our wedding planner to do...  

    The little wreaths went on the back of our chairs, the large floral arrangements were placed around the ballroom, etc.  One arrangement even went in the ladies' restroom next to the bathroom basket!

    So I don't think it's tacky - I think it's practical ;)
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    We would have, but like PP, we didn't have a choice with the church.  Our church actually has 3 weddings most Saturdays, and all three share flowers.

    I've been in two weddings where they used the BM bouqets at the reception.  My bouquet became the CP on our sweetheart table. 
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    Oh yeah, and the bouquets went on the cake table ;)
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    absolutely!  we are using several for centerpieces!
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    A friend of mine did this past summer.  As a matter of fact myself and my FI were the ones to "grab them up" and run them to the reception.  We did this while they were taking outdoor photos, the last thing we had to grab was the floral garland behind the bride and groom right after their pictures.  Then we beat everyone to the reception, cause it was about 20 min away from the ceremony and everyone was slow leaving they were talking and taking their own pictures.  Saved her a bundle, since 10 table centerpieces, 3 bouquets, the garland, cake table pin up flowers (looked like corsages) 5 bouts, and 2 mothers coursages ran almost $2000 for real flowers.
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    Catwoman708Catwoman708 member
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    Check with the church first to make sure they allow it.  Some churches have strict guidelines for anything placed on the altar, especially Catholic and Episcopal churches. 

    I can certainly see where re-using the altar flowers seems like a practical way to save money, but personally, I think it's tacky.  Partly for religious reasons (but I don't expect everyone else to feel that way or to understand).

    Our church has a flower guild, and the money for the flowers is donated each week by church members, and are dedicated for special occasion.  Even if the couple getting married has paid for the flowers, once placed on the altar, they are blessed, and dedicated to the glory of God, so that's why they are considered a donation, and not to be used elsewhere.

    By the way, if the money for the flowers is that big of an issue, ask the church if they have a flower guild or florist they use, and see if you can pay/reimburse the church for the flowers.  Because anything you pay to a church is considered a tax deductible donation.

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