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4:30 AM just got home... not a good night

My cat Beauford, (who was my helper in my DIY project) was acting weird this morning, and when I came home from work this afternoon he was still acting funny. I waited a little then he just started becoming lethargic, sleepy, and bloated. I rushed him to the emergency animal hospital, night time care. Apparently he had a blockage in his urethra, gunk in his bladder from dry cat food, and not enough water. First they slap me with something about him getting a IV, Cathader, blockage removed, staying until 7 am (when they close) picking him up than taking him to my primary care vet to get further care for a day. That estimate was like 900 bucks. Than my FI and I just stood there staring at this paper. Basically wondering if we have to let our cat die basically, or drain our savings, max out our credit, and financially cripple ourselves. Then the vet said they could do something less assertive, just flush his bladder, and give him some medicine, and we take him home tonight. This option was 400 dollars. SO we immediately went with our new option and got him in the back and under sedation, to fix him up. Now apparently this might not have even worked. I have to wait to make sure he goes to the bathroom, and if he doesn't I need to go to my Primary vet and do something else. Where I stand now, if this treatment didn't work, I have no more money to help him. I am just so sad, and exhausted, frustrated, more sadness. I just needed to vent. I am just at a loss. My baby boy, I don't know what the next 48 hours will bring but I hope it is urine flowing from my cats urethra!Cry
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