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Crinoline question

Has anyone ever heard of a 90 crinoline?  I tried on a 70 80 and 90, and liked the 90 with my dress...but refuse to buy it from the bridal shop because of their price. So i am searching for a 90 and cant find it.  Does anyone know what the equivelant is for a 90, such as full, semi full..super...or what> HELP! Thanks

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    what on earth is crinoline?
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    I bought mine from ebay and it cost me 21 dollars.. The 90 is the circumfrence of the bottom.. Im sorry but im not sure what they consider it but hopefully that helps... If I had to guess than I found some stuff that said it was like 86 inches which was an a-line so it might be the next step up from that one?
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    [QUOTE]what on earth is crinoline?
    Posted by lilcassers[/QUOTE]

    You wear it under your dress, like a slip.  It is layers of netting that allow your dress to stay full and poofy.
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