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Itinerary for the big day!

Hi everyone,

Just trying to think about how the day should look and what time appointments should be to get me at the church for 3:00. If anyone has a copy for their schedule for their day, I would love to see it! Or even if you have any pointers to make the day go by smoothly! All help would be muchly appreciated! Thanks so much, Jess!

Re: Itinerary for the big day!

  • I don't think I'm going to be much help, but....

    5am- Get up, go out to wedding site and finish last minute details
    7am- Head back to hotel, shower
    7:30am- Start getting hair and makeup done
    8:30am- Get dressed/Some pre wedding pictures
    9:30am- Head to wedding site
    9:50am- See Eric for brief time to calm nerves
    10am- Ceremony
    10:30am- Post-wedding photos/Guests mingle/Appetizers
    12pm- Reception starts/Toasts/Lunch
    1:30pm- Cake cutting
    1:45-??? Reception... mingle, etc

    We are not having a dj or dancing. Our reception is outdoors at a park, where we have a barn and tons of open area. There will be some yard games- bean bag toss, frisbees, horseshoes, etc.

    I know that probably isn't much help to you, so I'm sorry!
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  • BeeBee22BeeBee22
    edited October 2010
    Generally, I'd allow an hour to shower and dry your hair, then at least 90 minutes for hair and makeup.  Allowing more time than you think you need for this part of your day can make everything else go better.

    All sorts of stuff will be going on... people will be talking with you, last minute things will likely come up, and you may want to take 10 minutes with a cold compress on your eyes before you start makeup if you're puffy.  Once your hair and makeup are done, you may want to adjust things (i.e., you want to tone it down / maybe the blue eyeshadow isn't so good after all / the bun is lopsided or too tight and needs to be re-pinned).  It's a good idea to pad this time so you aren't rushing to catch up the rest of the morning ...much less stressful.

    Allow lots of extra time to get to the church in case of freak traffic, and I recommend having a second car following in case of a flat.

  • I agree! Make sure you build in some extra time somewhere, things always take longer than you think they will, and you will not want to feel rushed on your special day. Are you getting your hair/makeup professionally done? If so they should be able to give you an estimate of how long that will take. I am building in an hour and 1/2 to get dressed in my hotel after hair and makeup. I know it won’t take that long, but that way if anything runs late, or last minute stuff comes up I have the time to deal with it. And if not, I have some extra time in the suite with my girls to sip Champaign and giggle.

    Also, don’t forget to eat something! Put one of your BMs in charge of food for the day, even if it’s just a piece of fruit in the morning and snacks for lunch. You don’t want to be low on sugar during the ceremony!

  • @Amanda - thanks for your detail, my ceremony starts at 10:30am!
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