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Tornado in NC

OMG a tornado hit last night at my FFIL house...saw the damage today and thought I was having a heart attack!

Re: Tornado in NC

  • Frown  Is everyone ok?  Where in NC do they live?

    I've been so busy with work, I had no idea anything was even going on.  We are not prepared for tornados around here.  My family lived in Texas for a couple years when I was a kid and we did monthly tornado drills at school and houses all had a central room without any windows.  We didn't have any tornados that were too bad when I lived there.  I remember all of our trash cans had our house number on them because every time there was a tornado, everyone's trash can would be at the end of the road in a pile. 
  • Heels, according to CNN, along 85 from Greensboro to Charlotte.  I saw them talking about it on CNN this morning, and it was the cliche trailer park tornado commentary.  
  • That is so scary.  Tornados come out of nowhere--it's almost impossible to prepare for something like that. 
  • We had tornadoes here today on Grand Bahama Island.  I wonder if it was the same weather system.  I'd never experienced one before, so it was freaky!  Three people died when a port crane toppled over, but everyone else is okay.  There's damage, but it doesn't seem too bad from what I've seen so far.
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  • yes fortunately there were no deaths and everyone was fine...There was a trailor park that was trashed in southern davidson county but im not from there I live in High Point and we got the worst of it...Houses are leveled everywhere including my FI parents house...we have been over there all day helping clean up and take pictures for the insurance company...

    They have some wacko insurance policy that doesnt covers trees that don't hit a all the trees that didnt hit there house in the back yard will not be covered so they will have to pay out of pocket for those to be removed...

    Good thing I have awesome friends(or should I say and awesome ex-bf) who offered to do it for free!! He's such a great guy, glad he and my FI get along!

  • I have a friend in High Point and apparently it was an F-3 that hit High Point. I think there were several warnings in Charlotte. He posted a link to WGHP that showed his demolished parents' house/brother's house (behind it) on FB.
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