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Long story short; My fiancee is a Jersey boy. We met and lived there for 5 years before moving to sunny Florida. My extended family lives in Jersey, and everyone under the sun in his family lives in NJ, too. My  parents and only sister live close to us here in FL. My closest friends live scattered across the country. So where is it best to plan the wedding?

We want small, and don't care to spend an insane amount of money on the wedding. It just makes no sense for our circumstances. If we do it in FL, we have less people probably saying YES to the invite. If we do it in NJ, we probably have MORE people saying YES and, subsequently, a higher expense for the wedding. He feels as though because people usually gift money, it won't necessarily cost as much in NJ since more people are likely to come and, gift money (he's not cheap, he's trying to be rational!) I am torn. I like being local to the place I plan a wedding. 

Please advise!!

Thank you :)
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