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Anyone change their honeymoon location last minute?

After stalking Trip Advisor weekly for the past few months, our chosen resort has gone down in ranking and has gotten several recent complaints. (yes, I stalked it prior, but apparently there has been new management in the last few months). I finally had enough and e-mailed our travel agent this morning and asked about switching to a different resort on the same island.

Now I realize we leave in two weeks, and there many be absolutely nothing that travel agent can do about it if there is no openings left at the new resort. But she seemed relatively annoyed that I'd even consider changing plans so close to our departure date, stating that 'it'd be a whole ordeal to change everything'.  A part of me wanted to tell her it's her job to make the customer happy.  Instead, I just gave her the actual number of new ranking, how it has gone down 9 spots in just the last few months since we've booked.

Has anyone else out there changed their honeymoon plans 'last minute'? Did your travel agent help you out, or did you just book through the resort itself?
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