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Groomsmen Gifts!

My fiance really wants to get cooler chairs for his 7 groomsmen! This sounds more like a door prize to me than a groomsmen gift! My bridesmaids are getting jewelery and mani/pedis. Ah! Please help!! What are you giving your groomsmen? I need some good ideas to distract him!!

....or do I need to let go and just let him pick?!

So torn!!

Re: Groomsmen Gifts!

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    What he gets for his groomsmen is absolutely none of your business.  I'm not sure what a cooler chair is, but if they'll like it and that's what he wants to get them, it's fine.

    Butt out.

    Oh, and if the jewelry is to wear in the wedding and the mani/pedis are before the wedding, those aren't gifts to them, they're wedding expenses for you.  Gifts shouldn't come with strings attached or conditions for their use.
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    This may be a REALLY dumb question, but what are cooler chairs?? I think what my fiance is doing is giving each one a small cooler filled with their favorite beer and maybe an engraved beer mug or something....I'm not quite sure yet. I would definitely let him pick, but giving your ideas and suggestions never hurt :)
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    I know, I should really butt out... it's just hard when some of them aren't like outdoors/sporty guys but oh well! Not my problem!!

    Cooler chairs are just little soft coolers with a seat on top!

    The mani/pedis are for before the wedding, but the jewelry isn't to be worn on the wedding day. They're picking their own. I never thought that pampering someone with a manicure and pedicure was not considered a gift, though hahaa!

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    Me neither! I think that while it might not be their only gift its definately a nice gesture that they will see as a gift to them. And as for the cooler chairs, if thats what represents them why not? Lots of people do flasks etc.. and really something like a cooler chair could end up being pretty practical esp if they are a crowd that bbqs or goes camping. You would rather them have something they will like and use than something that might be more 'traditional' but not necessarily better!
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    FH can buy his groomsmen whatever he wants.  I could care less.  It is one less thing for me to do and worry about. 
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