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Blocking hotel rooms

I want to make sure that my fiancee and I block enough hotel rooms for all of our guests, but we don't anticipate sending out our invitations until February.  That said, I hate to wait until all the RSVPs are in to block rooms to find out that I'm too late.  Any advice?

Also, any advice on how many rooms to block?  I figured I would go with three area hotels (different price ranges).  Our current guest list is approximately 140, but of course some of these are couples, families, etc.


Re: Blocking hotel rooms

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    No, you do not need to wait until the RSVP's are in because your out of town guests will want to know about accomodations ASAP.  Did you send STD's?  We included hotel block information within the invitations (came printed from the hotel, so ask if they have them and reference your/FI name).  Let the guests know the date the "special rate" expires.  Try to get a rough estimate of how many out of town guests you think will be coming and tell the hotel.  They will block x amount of rooms and they should release the rooms by a certain date (usually a month, but can be 2-3 weeks out from the wedding). Just ensure the hotel does not hold you liable to pay for rooms that are unused in the block. 

    As a suggestion, ask if the hotel offers rates with or without breakfast.. we did and it was about an even split for guest choices. 

    When choosing our hotel for guests, we wanted to ensure it was easily accessible, close enough to venue and that it was close enough to attractions for out ot towners.  We ended up choosing a hotel near a shopping/restaurant district, as we wanted our guests to be able to have fun and not be isolated in the middle of no where.  

    You may wish to see if the hotel offers shuttle service to/from ceremony/'s a thought.  The hotel worked with us (shuttle bus company contracted with them) and it wasn't outrageous.  We thought it was a courtesy to our guests who may not wish to drive.

    Good luck!
  • Ditto what PP said. We blocked our rooms now and STD's are just going out next week. Especially if it's during high wedding season (summer) you will want to make sure you can still block them before the hotels fill up, so the sooner the better. Some hotels have minimums/maximimums for how many rooms to block, so check that out first. Is your idea for having different hotels to get a varying range of prices?

    And like PP said, when you sign contract, make sure you are not held responsible for rooms not booked.

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  • You can block them whenever, you won't need to pay for them, so go for it! I would book enough for all guests, and then when you get your RSVP's back, you can tell the hotel a better number of hotel rooms that need to be blocked.
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    I see that your wedding is in May of 2011... I called today to get my hotel block set up, and my wedding is in July.  Really, I just wanted to get it done, but also my FI's family needs to set up their plans and they won't know how to set up their schedule while they are here unless they know where they'll be staying.  As early as the hotel lets you should be fine.  

    ETA: I forgot about your 2nd question -- I'm counting the number of OOT guests I anticipate to come and blocking enough rooms for them for 2 nights in the event that they want to stay Friday and Saturday nights.  The block will release any unused rooms probably 30 or so days prior, so I'd rather have the space for them and release it, rather than run out of rooms. 
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