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Make Up Artist Issue

I've interviewed and or had one trial done with a makeup artist. She did a very good job, and is one of the least expensive MUA in my area. She does the air brush makeup that I like, and overall, the products that she uses are Grade A. However, there's something about her personality I'm not sure about. She was not  blatantly rude or disrespectful. But, she shared information regarding bad experiences that she's had with previous clients. She also said a few things that just knid of "rubbed me the wrong way." So, at this point I have a couple of months to choose someone else, but, honestly, because of my budget I'd rather not spend anymore money on trials, and anymore time searching. But, I don't want to feel uptight about this on my wedding day. I want to be relaxed and certain that everyone around me has a positive and not a combative attitude. I can literally smell attitude and apprehension a mile a way. Advice anyone?
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