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Super small "destination" wedding advice

My fiancee & I have decided on a super small wedding, within our state, but about 3 hours away from where we live. This means all of our guests will have to drive a considerable ways & make reservations for a few nights at a hotel. We're trying to figure out how many guests to invite; I was wondering if anyone could give advice on what kind of turnouts can be expected for a within the state "destination" wedding? We have a list of 37, but are pretty certain not everyone will RSVP since some people are out of state. Thoughts?? 

Additionally, what do you DO at small weddings? We're having the ceremony & reception at a nice resort on a lake, but are not having a band or dance for the reception. (we're both a little shy when it comes to dancing, so I think we will just have background music on an ipod) Should we have games to play or something aside from dinner & dessert? I don't want people to be bored, although I think the open bar should help everyone loosen up a bit. 

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