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Wedding Colors

My FI and I are planning an April 2014 wedding and we have began looking at venues.  We are trying to narrow down some ideas for colors.  I like the idea of having black and white with a pop of color because of the way that I am envisioning my bridesmaids dresses.  We can't seem to agree on that pop of color.  I like orange, but he wants pastel whereas I want bright.  He likes green, but its not my favorite color.  He would consider pink depending on the shade and we can't agree on a shade.  I like yellow and hes torn.  The only thing we can agree on is no purple.  Does anyone have any other color suggestions that would give us that pop of color we are looking for?

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Re: Wedding Colors

  • Red? Blue?
    I wouldn't stress about it, though. I mean, feel free to continue discussing and looking around, but since you have so long until you'll need to rent linens or purchase BM dresses, don't put pressure on yourselves to decide RIGHT NOW. :)
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  • What about doing multiple shades of one color with the black and white. I think blue would look really nice, but I'm partial to blue haha. But purple sounds really pretty too!
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  • You could have each bridesmaid wear a different "pop" color.  Google it, there are lots of pics of bridesmaids that are wearing either different shades of the same color or a completely different color all together.
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  • I went to a wedding last year and all the BM's had the same dress, but in different colors, and they were all in pastel shades.  it looked pretty neat.
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  • I would suggest yellow and/or silver.
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  • I really like the idea of the varied shades of one color.  Thanks ladies!  I know we have some time, but I'm such a planner and need to have things planned out down to the second.  LOL.  
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  • Okay a legit question that I probably should know the answer to--we are not having a bridal party so the colors won't go there so do we pick a color theme for the invitations, flowers, cake and my bouquet? Am I missing something? Do the colors aply to anything else?
  • The colors can be applied to so many things.  Even without a bridal party, they can still be worked in.  What other color will he wear with his tux/suit, unless just a wahite and black theme.  The color of the linens, napkins, and chair covers at the reception site.  Def flowers and yes, even invitations.
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  • What about a gorgeous shade of blue? like a turqouise? Maybe you should be reconsidering having black and white? I once went to a red/green wedding. It was the summer but it was absolutely gorgeous (CHRISTMASS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!! lol)

  • I actually thought about turquoise today!  The brochure I picked up from Joseph A Bank this weekend had the tuxedo in black with the turquoise and it looked stunning.  I really like the idea of black and white with just that little pop of color, but I was also thinking of doing black, lemon, and lime.  I saw this color combo in one of the Knot's online articles and loved it.
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