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Maintaining your relationships with your vendors without being a pest...

My fiance and I are not getting married until July 2011 but we booked our venue for the reception this past January.  We have not talked to the coordinator from the venue since signing our contract and making the deposit.  I recently tried contacting her to set up a time this summer for a tasting but I haven't heard back from her and it's been about two weeks.  I don't want to seem like a pest especially since we have so much time before next summer but I also feel that she should be at least getting back to us with a quick e-mail or phone call.

A friend of mine recently got married and complained a lot about not being able to get in touch with the coordinator from her venue for most of the time that they were planning her wedding.  It seemed to make everything much more difficult and stressful.  Does anyone have any thoughts on how to keep in touch with vendors while not seeming high maintanence or like a bridezilla??

Re: Maintaining your relationships with your vendors without being a pest...

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    It is perfectly reasonable to have a tasting when the food that will be in season for your wedding is in season.  You are well with in your rights to call again after two weeks, I would have called after 1.  She is working for you in this wedding, and should be professional, so long as she is you won't have to call multiple times.  

    Just keep your requests reasonable, as you are, and you are being fine.  
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    I would suggest that you contact her again and let her know that you would like to set up a tasting soon.  I'm certain that since your wedding isn't until July 2011 she has probably not looked at your file. 

    Please don't take it personally, if the venue is popular then the coordinator probably is quite busy since it is wedding season.  She should have called you back or sent an email acknowledging your request.

    You may also consider requesting the tasting to be an week day which my be easier especially during the busy summer wedding season.


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