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Mexico vs. Cuba...which did you prefer?

Hey All,

I'm also going to post this on the Honeymoon board but I'm curious what others have to say aswell.

FI and I will be going on vacation down south next winter (not for our honeymoon, just a regular vacay).  We have decided we either want to go to Cuba or Mexico.  We've never been to either destination and I'm looking for some travel tips.  Our overall budget is around 3000 and we are looking for an AI, we'll probably book through Sunwing or 

Does anyone have any destination suggestions or resort suggestions?  Any particular good experiences or bad experiences?  We don't drink and we're not into bars and we would like to be as close as possible to the ocean.  We are also looking for excursion suggestions outside of the resort areas, such as day trips, museums etc... to check out.

Any advice would be greatily appreciated! Thanks!
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