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Fiance's Best man slacking.

I know this shouldn't really bother me, because men usually are not as involved with weddings and planning as much as women, but its really starting to get to me that my fiance best man is not involved in our wedding AT ALL. 
First of all I never even met this guy yet, even though I've been with my fiance for 3 years now. My fiance says that this guy has been his best friend his whole life so I can't just say "hey, get a new best man" even though I want to. 

The problem is that Im worried that my fiance will not get a good bachelor party, or even one at all, and I don't know how to go about making sure that he gets one. I know its important to him because he talks about having one constantly and even seems to be excited about it when he does. 
I really do not see his BM planning his bachelor party considering he has yet to meet me, or mine and my fiance's son who is now 6 months old.
I am trying not to be judgmental, but if this guy was his "best friend" wouldn't I have met him by now?

He has 5 other groomsmen that are standing in the wedding. 3 of them live far away and are only able to come here during our wedding so they can't plan his bachelor party either. 1 of them that lives around here I don't think would plan a good party because his idea of a bachelor party is sitting in an empty cabin with a beer and a fire (I know this cause that's what he did for his own bachelor party) and the last person standing in the wedding is my brother, which he doesn't know very well, so probably not a good idea to ask my brother to plan his party. 

I'm lost, I have no idea what to do... do I plan my fiance's bachelor party for him and risk embarrassing him? or do I sit back and hope that his BM or other groomsmen step up their game and risk my fiance not getting the bachelor party that he is so excited for? 
The only other way I can see fixing this is convincing him to trade in his BM for his other friend that I believe is his real bestfriend whom he hangs out with everyday. 
I feel like this is a lose, lose situation and that I will either be seen as a controling B*&^% or my fiance will get his hopes up and have his feelings hurt. 

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