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Vegas Bachelorette ideas?


I am having my Bachelorette in Vegas, it will be a small group......maybe 6 people.
Any suggestions? I really want to rent a hummer limo, but theres only a few people, should I go ahead or is that asking too much? Ideas on where to go?


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Re: Vegas Bachelorette ideas?

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    Are you planning your own bachelorette or did your MOH (or whoever is planning it) ask for ideas?  (You should not be planning your own party, so I'm hoping someone just asked for ideas.)

    Whoever is planning it should ask the girls attending what their budgets are so the plans can include everyone while also accommodating their budgets.
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    I want to be involved in the planning, but Ive never even been to one before.
    "The only thing you ever really know, you know with your heart".
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    Statispere... That is the hotel on the strip with the rides at the top!! I did one and it was the best feeling!!
     My fi (boyfriend at the time) was there and he chickened out but it was worth it and it was AMAZING

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    You should only be involved if they ask you for your input.  
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    I will ditto what all the other PP's have said, you shouldn't be planning anything for your Bach party.  I will also say that since you are planning to elope in Mexico, just you and FI, then you really shouldn't be having a party at all since all party invites should also be invited to the wedding. 

    That being said, if you insist on planning use the following advice:

    If you are expecting the people going with you to help with the costs, then you can't book anything without talking to them and seeing what their budget is. 

    If you are paying for everything yourself, then do whatever you want. 

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    pretty sure hummer limos are for a big group, so for 6 people that is a waste of money, when you can get a nice "smaller" limo to get the same job done.

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