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invite HELP please XP

so i am looking to order my invites a little early because I have a coupon and need some help with the wording. My full name is Cassandra, however ever since I was 10 i have gone by Cassie. My family doesn't really call me that with the exception of my one grandfather. But all of my friends, coworkers, fiance, fiance's family identify me asCassie. I know for the invite it would be more formal to go as Cassandra; however, idkshould i just go with Cassie? I put Cassie on our STDs and asked the bridal party to put Cassie for the shower invites, and I put Cassie on our registry. My other thought was the invite we picked out list all the info in the text and then in the top right corner just says our first names. Would it be weird if in the body of the invite it said my full name and in the corner just said Cassie? need some advice please!! 

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    [QUOTE]Personally, I'd use your full name on the body of the invitation and then whatever name you prefer in the corner. However, if your invites and wedding are more casual, then just go with Cassie to keep the casual feel. It's all about conveying the formality of the wedding through the invite.
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    <div>This! I would use my full name. In fact I'm literally using my full name which is three names plus my last name.</div><div>
    </div><div>If youre going with a more casual theme, I think you'd be ok using Cassie. Otherwise I'd put Cassandra on your invite and Cassie on the corner as StageManager 14 mentioned.</div>
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    My full name is Mary Margaret Wilson LastName, but since the day I was born everyone has called me Maggie.  Even today there are some people that are still shocked to know that my real name isn't Maggie.

    For our invites I used the name everyone knows me by, Maggie.  I know that it wasn't the formal way but it was the way I wanted it.  No one cared that I didn't use my real name.

    I understand conveying a level of formality with your invite but I also think that you should use the name that you are most comfortable with.

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    I would use your full name.  I use my middle name (most people assume it's my first).  I still included both on the invitation.  

    Unless it's a really casual wedding, I wouldn't use a nickname on the invitation.  
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