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OT: Best friend/maid of honor moving away

My best friend who is also my maid of honor of my September 2012 wedding  (her eldest daugther is my jr bridesmaid, her youngest daughter is my flower girl and her two sons will have a to be determined role) is moving away today for a teaching job in Montana.  I am not at all concerned of her devotion to her role, I still want her and her children to be in my wedding.  I have known her for 6 years, may not seem that long, but we are best friends. It feels like we grew up together and are sisters.  I have cared for her 20 month old daughter as a childcare provider since she was 3 weeks old.  I have known her eldest daughter since she was 6, and her boys since they were four.  We have been through everything together, me wanting to be married or on my way to being married but hopelessly single at the time, trouble in her marriage, to her divorce, to her second marriage, to her second divorce.  I have not had a friend move away since I was in the 4th grade and I can't even remember that person's name.  How do I cope when all I want to do is cry?  I moved to where I am located now for my now fiancee, my then boyfriend, when we had only been dating a month.  I didn't know if it was going to work out at the time, I hoped it did, but I knew if I didn't I would have the support of my best friend who also lives (lived) here. Any tips to coping are appreciated.  Thank you.
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