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grrr.... less than 3 months to go and now this?!

when we booked the venue back in september, they told us we'd have our rehearsal friday morning before our saturday wedding. they told us this on two occasions... that our rehearsal would be at 11 on friday.

our wedding planner called today and spoke to the woman we were with when we originally booked the venue, and she tells the planner that "all friday's slots are booked", and we have to do our rehearsal on thursday early afternoon!

our entire bridal party, except for 4 (17 people total), are travelling from the east coast, and most of them have purchased tickets arriving thursday evening.

i'm so angry. how would they just change this with less than 3 months to go?! i mean, i know its not the end of the world, we could have it at a park or something, LAST RESORT, but such details should NOT be changed when they were promised upon booking! i mean, its almost as critical as our wedding date being secure. like... did we need to make sure that was still on too??? okay. overdramatic :). but still!

oh boy. and the stress begins.
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