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Do you like your e-pics?

FI and I had our e-pics taken a couple of weeks ago and we just got the link to view all of the photos. Out of 78 photos taken, I don't LOVE that many. I "like" approx 20 (and some of these are duplicates that the photog did in black & white, etc). And I "love" a couple....less than 6. I am considering contacting the photog. to see if we should set up another photoshoot to hopefully get more pics that I "love" instead of ones that are just "good." I also fear that I may be over-analyzing the pictures and I'm starting to think I'm going crazy by obsessing about the pics!

I am wondering, out of all the pics that were taken from your photoshoot, how many did you actually like, show people, and have framed?

Should I see if we can set up another photoshoot and if so, should we do it in the same place (Boston Public Garden) or should we choose a differnt location? The photog. has a studio so we could do some photos there. 

(I can't show you all the photos to get you opinions because I dont have files yet, just a link to my account with the images)
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