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Freaking Out.

Hi all.
Well. Honestly freaking out here. It's Monday. Getting married at 3pm on Saturday.  It's 97 degrees today in VT in the shade.  

I do NOT handle heat very well.  I've checked the forecast like once every 3 hours since it became available for the 10th.  The thought of getting my hair and makeup all done and looking beautiful...wearing my honest-to-goodness wedding gown even though all I wanted was a sundress......and just being a big sweaty drippy mess, makes me freak right the heck out.

We have no power at our venue, (lakeside) so we have a laptop of music, that still needs some finishing touches.

I could ramble on for hours and I'm sure the big day will work out just fine but right now I am a mess....between the heat and my stress I am a mess.

Marie in VT
*Did I mention that this marriage will net me three teenage children to add to my 9 and 12 year old children??? Those factors stress me out as well*

Re: Freaking Out.

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    Wow, that would stress me out too. Is there a way someone can get some fans hooked up to a generator for you, so you can at least have a breeze? You can run the lines to the generator far enough away that the smell and the noise is not really a factor.

    About thekids, I don't know what to say, but I can understand how that would be stressful.
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    I'm just hoping that there is a breeze off the lake....and I do plan to have an ice pack or two handy by for the back of my neck just in case I get woozy.

    THanks for your reply.
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    Ditto Sarah on trying to get a generator.

    Is the venue indoors or outdoors?  Are there any park pavilions, church halls if you or a family member belong to a church, fire halls, VFWs, etc. nearby that you could use as a backup venue?  Could you use a tent to help cool?  It would mean last minute phone calls but divided between you, your FI, maybe the teenagers or your parents those could be plausible.  If there are any children or elderly guests, I would not want to put them in 100 degree heat for hours.

    Otherwise, try to have ice cold water available for guests.
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    I would be dropping everything to find a generator and some fans.  Otherwise all your guests will remember about your wedding is that it was hot.
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    Ditto everybody who suggested finding a generator ASAP. Or possibly battery-powered fans if you're desperate.

    Not only are you going to be hot, but so are your guests. Nobpdy enjoys sweating in their dress clothes. Good luck!

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    I have to agree with PPs. First thing that popped in my head was a generator and fan . This is why I am having my wedding in March .lol
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    I wanted to get marrie din the fall. I despise the heat.  My father lives in FL and would only agree to come if we had the wedding during the summer. THe  kicker? Dad cancelled on Mother's Day.

    I appreciate all of the suggestions for generators and fans, but it's just not going to happen.....the best we have are Marine batteries and fans...but with fans on you won't be able to hear the music and stuff will be blowing all over.  I don't think my guests are going to be the hot ones, the ceremony and reception are under a big dark pavilion, so shady and cool....  I'm worried about myself because I have severe reactions to heat and emotions, put the two together and I'm steaming.

    Our entire wedding cost $1200.00  (friends doing the expensive stuff...) there just are not any funds for a backup venue or last minute change in plans.

    I really just needed a place to vent my fears. :-) Thanks for the replies.
    Marie Vermont
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    They don't certianly aren't just fears, the are a reality.  I hope it isn't that bad for you, but truth be told it probably will be.  I can't even stand outside this week.  I would make alternate arrangments ASAP.
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    Well..what a relief...the forecast is calling for high 70's this weekend and scattered the heatwave will break after all.

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