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Work question, need help please :)

Ok so I will start out with a little info before asking the question :

I recently quit my job.  My boss is a HUGE Biotch, the most toxic person that I have ever known.  I have been at this place for about 9 months and decided it was time to give my notice, so I gave her 3 weeks so that she could find a replacement and have her properly trained by the time I left.  Well, 2 weeks went by ok, then on the last week she decided to become a massive douche.  She cut my hours from fulltime to part time without notice, messed with my schedule so that I would start at 11:00-6:30 rather than10-6:30 (Why? who knows, just because she can) and on the one day that I worked 6.5 hours she refused to let me have a lunch.  Now im not stupid, I know my rights, and I know that after 5 consecutive hours I am entitled to a 30 minute lunch break.  Whatever, so I decided NOT to be a doormat and so I stopped showing up to work.  Maybe not the most mature thing to do but I just CANNOT handle that biitch anymore. 

Ok, so my question is:
When I receive my ROE should it state that I A) was fired for not showing up or B) quit--even though the date I gave notice for WOULD NOT be the date stating my last day on my ROE??

Any help would be appreciated :)

Re: Work question, need help please :)

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    bbyckesbbyckes member
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    What is a ROE?

    Talk to your HR department.  They would probably have a better answer for you.  OR call your state Employment Development Department (unemployment dept.) and ask them.

    Good luck.
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    What is an ROE? You should have actually resigned, being a no-show is not going to look good and it'll make another employer weary of hiring you for fear of you doing the same thing. 
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    kbj88kbj88 member
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    ROE is a record of employment.  Maybe I should have stated im in canada.

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    Actually, employers are restricted on what they can release regarding your employment.  I think that they're limited to: dates of employment, position held, and if you are re-hireable.

    My company has a 3 day no call/no show & you're gone policy.  I agree with the PP - check with the HR dept of the company.   
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    I agree that you should check with HR to ensure your ROE states you resigned. Most companies have an at-will employment policy and so you technically are not required to give notice before leaving. Giving notice is considered a courtesy.
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    you should honestly ask some canadian people. the work laws there are different then in the US so what people tell you here is probably not going to be correct. call your HR department, or the government agency that deals with this. 
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