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Ok my wedding is damask with purple. Now my issue is, usually all damask items are black and white but I love the black and cream look. Would it be tacky to combine the 2 diffrent damask styles??
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    I don't think so... as long as you don't have like 10 white and black and then 1 cream and black it would look like an accident. So make sure you have kind of even amounts of both
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    We did black, white and pink for our  colors, and did a lot of damask things.  Some ended up being black and cream because that's all it came in.  As long as you don't have something black/white next to something black/ivory, nobody will know the difference.  
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    We are color scheme twins! I don't like the idea of mixing the 2 styles, but don't necessarily find it tacky. To skirt around the issue, I found 2 products with  a black and cream damask pattern and am using it in many elements of the wedding. 1) Wrapping paper from Target. Using it to cover vases for centerpieces, the card box, and as a background for table numbers. 2) Fabric from Joann Fabrics. I will use it for bouquet wraps, RB pillow and runner for half my tables. My invitations were purchased from Etsy and are printed on ivory paper with the black damask pattern. The only place I may use black/white damask is the thank you notes, since they're not next to any of the other decor. HTH!
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    Thanks so much those are all the places I shop haha

    Thank you thank you!!!

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    I agree with pp. As long as they're not right on top of each other, I think it'll be really pretty. It'll give some variation, which is always nice :) Hope it works for ya!!
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