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shop for the desinger dress of your dreams on TLC's new show Jersey Brides!

TLC Presents...
Jersey Brides!
The dress of your dreams with all of the drama!

Do you totally get told you’re the star of the shore and should have your own show ALL of the time? Are you treated like a celeb every time you walk into a room or go to the club? Is the spotlight always on you? Well, if you are the princess of the Jerz AND you need a dress for your wedding, then this could be the show for you! 

If you’re a bride with a HUGE personality and a family/friends with an even BIGGER presence, then the Producers of Four Weddings and our experts at Bijou Bridal want to find you (or someone you know) the most fabulicious gown. It doesn’t matter if you’re a “shore” bride with a picky mama, a “housewife” marrying into a crazy family or just a fashionista who won’t settle for less than designer labels on your wedding day; as long as your diva potential is high, we can solve your dress drama…and all you have to do is shop!

Here’s how you get started!

If you live in the tri-state area, and would LOVE to be on camera, then email us your contact info (full name, phone number, age, where you live, etc.), your wedding date and some photos ASAP to We’ll be in touch!

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