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Please Help! Interracial Relationship Question

Hi everyone!


I need a little help from you guys. I am writing a paper for an Undergrad Human Sexuality course on the topic of Interracial Relationships. I wanted to write my paper on this topic because I am involved in such a relationship with myself being the minority. I Asian and my boyfriend is Caucasian. We met when we were in high school and are still together 6 years later! Both of us are extremely comfortable being in an interracial relationship and can look the past the whole “race issue” that some others have problems with. I just want your honest opinions! If you think interracial relationships are great, tell me why. If you are one of those who believe people should not date outside of their race, tell me why. Share personal stories or stories of people you know. I will use your information in my paper with complete anonymity. I won’t be offended with your statements because everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Thanks for your help! 

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