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I Can't Handle The Anticipation!

24 days until my wedding, and I am sooo unbelievably excited it's unreal.  I can hardly function, but I have 14 more days of work before the vacation so I need to hold it together.  I am just SOOOO excited... destination wedding in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and then it's off to the Dominican Republic for 6 nights.  Seriously, we are getting the best of both worlds (mountain vacay & beach vacay back to back?!  yes, please), and I just can't wait!!!!!!

Re: I Can't Handle The Anticipation!

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    That's so exciting!  Congratulations on being so close to your wedding date!  Where are you staying in the Dominican?  FI and I are honeymooning in Puuunta Cana in September.

    ETA:  Wow TK, I didn't realize P*unta was a bad word.  Jeez.
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    I've always wanted to go to Wyoming! Congrats!
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    Great choice for the wedding! Jackson is beautiful! And congrats on being so close! :)
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    Congratulations!! I'm 46 days away and the only thing keeping me from calm is knowing I have all of my DIY stuff to do. (I teach so after next week I don't have work, I saved the projects for this reason)

    We're going to P*nta Cana too! Where are you staying? We're going to be at the Hard Rock Resort. The pictures are insane and people are constantly posting to their fb page that they are there and having a blast. I can't wait!!

    PP - P*nta is a spanish word that actually means point. As in the point of a knife. I believe the people at TK have it confused with puta, which is a slang term for s**t. It annoys the crap out of me that I cannot type the name of a town.
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    I feel your excitement! I am 43 days away! We are headed to Cancun :)
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