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Brett and I went to dinner (olive garden) and a movie (Bad Teacher) on saturday night. It was fun and the food was amazing. Anyways we get to the movie and its starts to get super freaking packed this lady sits right next to me and is gabbing on her phone, which is kinda rude but the movie previews havent started yet so whatever. then the movie previews start and shes yacking away to her husband/bf whoever. For like a solid 15 min of previews and she keeps talking through the credits. Finally she shut up. Ten min later her cell phone rings. Then she kicks the chair of the lady in front of her. So she then leans over to where im sitting and gets in my bubble scraching her head so Im like laying on Brett cuz just ewww. It grossed me out. Later Brett went to the bathroom, she starts talking again. I wanted to say something but Brett was gone so I didnt. However the lady next to her did. 20 min later she says something to him again and then goes oh yeah Im not suppose to talk. ERRRRR
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