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I am crocheting a baby blanket for my FBIL and FSIL and my cat keeps trying to help me crochet...normally by pawing at the yarn and trying to eat it....she succeeded in breaking it once...had to combine the wet kitty yarn.  Good thing I plan on washing it before giving the gift.  Does anyone else have helpful pets?

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    My cat is always 'helping' me when I am trying to do something on my computer... by laying on the keyboard or watching the mouse. ;)

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    Haha sounds like my cats. They like to help us put things together by stealing parts or laying on everything. They also help me play video games by laying on my lap. Oh, and help me pick out clothes by either pulling them off the hangers in the closet or shoving them off the shelf thing I have (I need a dresser.. badly, haha. I have one of those comparment shelves with the fabric bins for the folded clothes that aren't on the shelf in the closet). Gotta love pets!
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    My bunny "helps" me realise I haven't given him food EVERY time I get up by stamping really loud and glaring at me. Not that I have anything against giving him fresh food when I go to work, and a little treat when I get home, but like, I get up to go get a drink, go the toilet, put on a DVD, get my phone, answer the door, get a jumper, turn the light on, put something in the bin... I mean, c'mon, lil dude... Every single time? He is soooo loud as well, and even though I expect it, still makes me jump nine times out of ten. And seriously, when he gets a glare on, it's pure evil! Still love him though, he's my lil buddy :)
    So, maybe things don't always go as planned... Maybe that's okay. I may be alone for now, but my baby boy is on his way, and I wouldn't change a thing.
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    My cat helps me read by laying on my open book, she really likes to help with newspaper too. And the dog babysits, as soon as the munchkin goes to bed he lays down next to her crib and stays there all night.
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    My cats used to love helping me with my homework.

    My cat even filled out our census for us.

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    My fur babies like to help me use my iPad, my fat cat likes to make sure I don't fall asleep too early by walking all over my chest, and my FI's crotch, when we're in bed. My siamese makes sure we don't forget to feed them by yelling at us. And they both let us know when there are people walking up to the house by running away and hiding under the bed.
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