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Mother in Law nightmare

I need some advice. My future mother in law is a nightmare. Me and my fiance are getting married in 4 months and are just praying we get there alive. He is an only child and I am the baby of 6 and the last ot get married so his mom is super invlolved and mine is jsut along for the ride. I know this is my day but his mom is turning it into her day. She has to have her hand in everything even when she is not the one paying for it. She was nto happy with my dress choice and made sure the whole world knew that. She is not getting along with her mom, brother, or my fiances dad and has threatened to cause fights at the wedding if they push her buttons at all I really dont want my wedding day to be ruined beause she is crazy! I am trying to get through school and plan this wedding without alot of stress but she is not helping. I don't know how to handle this at all without crossing the line. Can anyone please help?????

Re: Mother in Law nightmare

  • I would only get your fiance to handle it if he can interact with his mother well enough to do so... by that, I mean, he needs to have a talk with her about how HE feels about this (or at least he needs to say it's how HE feels). I've met too many men that would handle a convo like this by getting their mother alone and telling her how YOU'RE so upset about how she's acting... and that will only make her hate you. They may not do this intentionally, but people often don't think about the way they say things...

    So while I think him speaking to her would be best, make sure he is up to the task of taking all responsibility in the conversation, and not pinning any on you.

    The idea of giving her something to do and be in charge of is a good one, too, if you feel comfortable enough to do so. From what you say, though, I have to wonder if she'd be happy with that... sounds like she may still stick her nose into everything.
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    [QUOTE]<strong>Give her one task to focus on - like the rehearsal dinner.  That way, she's involved but out of your hair.  </strong>You and your fiance have to have a separate part of the house you stay/live in so keep to that part and only discuss wedding with each other.  Like everyone else said, don't share details with her.  Just because you live with them doesn't mean she has to know everything about the wedding.  She can know "you've gotten that taken care of" but other than that, change the subject.  If you give her something else to focus on, she'll feel important and a part of the wedding but leaving you alone at the same time.  Good luck!!!
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    This is a GREAT idea!! :)
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