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Wedding Make-up

I've been having a lot of trouble deciding on what i should do for makeup for my wedding. Currently I use a loreal powder foundation and concealer. I really love the stuff it s from thier mineral line, (i can't remember the name for sure) anyways, i really like it because I hate using a lliquid foundation. My issue is that my skin is a little oily and i cna't figure out the best way to keep it under control with out constantly re-applying the foundation, at which point it starts to look like too much make up.

Does anyone reccommed a foundation or a solution to this issue? I know I can't be the first one with the problem.

Thanks a ton. :-)

Re: Wedding Make-up

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    You might try stopping by a makeup counter like at Sephora or a department store, let them make you over, and see what products work better.
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    I find that using a primer really helps keep my face from getting too, too oily.  I like Smashbox's, but there are several good ones out there.
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    I went to a Lancome counter at Macy's, and the girl was awesome.  I don't usually wear very much make up, and she made me look great! It was fun too.  The airbrush idea is interesting...I might look into that.
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    I love the bareminerals powder foundation as well BUT do not use it on your wedding day. The minerals will reflect when pictures are taken and your skin might look beautiful in person but not on the pictures. 
    = Never use mineral sunscreens (chemical ones are ok) on your big day!
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