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Family drama... need to vent!!!!!!!! (long, sorry)

Since this is my first post I'll introduce myself :)
My name is Samantha,I am 20 years old and I am a Early Childhood & Para professional student My fiance's name is Nathan and he is 21!

the family drama is only on my side.. I couldnt ask for a better group of In-laws they are more a family to me than my own family is..

so here is my dilema, now i'll give background info because otherwise its not gunna make sense
1. I  didn't meet my dad until I was 10 years old, because he wanted to get back at my mom... and hasnt been very involved since
2. I have a half sister who has the same dad as me, who is 3 years older than me.. my dad has been involved since day 1 with her.
3. My mom dropped me off at my grandmas when I was 6 and it was just for a "while" ... my grandma had full custody from 6-18
4. I lived with my grandma untill i was 18

My dad offered to buy my wedding dress and help out with the wedding which at fist was fine, but then he started putting stipulations on the money... like when I found a dress I loved he reluctantly bought it and said "are there any MORE big ticket items coming or can my freakin wallet take a break?" wow.. well I'm sorry that he offered to buy me a dress then make me feel like crap for getting it!

My dads girlfriend wanted to through me a bridal shower which i thought was find too, but then she started telling me that she was only going to invite her family, and not mine, and my fiance couldnt be there with us. I asked her some simple requests and she totally flipped on me saying "a bridal shower is something someone throws for you, now stop being so difficult and just do this ONE thing my way... you'll never let your dad live down abandoning you which is sad"
My fiance and I have blocked her from our phones now!


its so hard because everyone :including my half sister, dad and his girlfriend (and her ENTIRE family) are trying to over take my wedding and give me ideas that I dont want, and they put their 2 cents in where its not needed!

I need to know if I invite them, because they will start all this drama at our wedding and they've already started it now.. we've got roughly 9 moths before the wedding and I CANT deal with more crap from them for 9 more months....

So i've come to a new moto
"I've got things to do, and only myself to make happy"

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