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combining CO ski trip with CA sightseeing

hi ladies- starting to scout for a trip i'd like to do eary 2012. we're in NC, but i would like to do a 10 day trip- a few days in keystone/breckenridge skiing, then fly over to san fran for a couple days (including one in napa/sonoma), and then either do a cruise out of LA or San Diego, or just spend a few days in san diego.

has anyone planned a trip like this? i'd be interested to see your itinerary. still weighing options here on if this is better or if i should split into two trips for cheaper cost. (cross country plane tickets are expensive, which is why we may opt to combine like this.)
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Re: combining CO ski trip with CA sightseeing

  • You might want to try posting this on the HM board even if you aren't going to do it for your HM.

    Another thing would be to talk to a travel agent, they should be able to give you some pointers and ideas on whether it would be better to do two seperate trips or one big one.
  • There are plenty of places in California to ski as well.  My school used to do an annual Ski/Beach Day where they'd go skiing in the morning and to the beach in the evening, basically just because we could.

    I would definitely recommend talking to a travel agent for a fairly complex trip like this, they'll be able to work out the best itinerary and deals.
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  • Would you fly to CA from CO?
    I think you could make it work... my FI and I plan trips like this but they aren't relaxing.  You are definitely going to need a whole day to get off the mountain to the airport and fly to SF, in fact I would recommend a morning flight from DIA and stay in a denver or airport hotel the night before, traffic from Breck can be a nightmare.  My other advice is to take a ski shuttle and save some $$ and potentially treacherous mountain snow driving.
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