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Mom thinks i am appeasing everyone but me

Hey! I am getting married march 10th 2012, and i am SOO excited, i basically have everything done, when i was younger i had always dreamed of a small outside summer wedding where it wouldnt cost much, well, i am with an italian man, with a HUGE family, and HUGE group of friends, his side ALONE is 200 people, where mine is maybe 75, and His mom and my fiancee have always pictured a catholic church ceromony, which was somthing i never wanted to do, however, knowing when i got together with my fiancee that if i ever planned on marrying him, it was going to be in a church, which i am 100 % okay with (honestly), and my mom does not believe me.. and we also chose a march wedding, Because we met in march. and my mom believes that, that was not my choice.. I love my mom to death, but i dont know how to tell her this is what i plan, and it is what i have grown to want. after imaging it all put together i want everyone to be like omg she looks like a princess, I dont want to make anyone feel bad and i wasnt everyone to be happy but ultimatly this is about me and my fiancee, and yes i have compromised, but isnt that hat marriage and relationships are about?  How should i handle this, and my sister thinks the same way as my mom and she is my maid of honor!!
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