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Wedding Ticker Problems

I couldn't find the forum to post this in, so my apoligies.

I made a ticker and placed it in the signature box and everything, but it isn't showing up. Is there a delay after you create one? I had one before, but it was lost after the knot upgraded everything. In addition to the ticker, one of my badges has also decided to go missing.

Is this because all computers (and technology too) hate me or is there another reason? H E L P!!!!

Re: Wedding Ticker Problems

  • Ugh, it is such a pain.
  • My ticker shows up fine, but then right after that, my signature- "Lisa and Clint....." is in an awkward position.  Like, it should be 4 rows of words, but the "Lisa and" part of the signature is right up next to the end of the ticker, when it should be the next line under the ticker.  Urgh!  It said on the "change sig" thing that it might take ten minutes, but in those ten minutes, it's getting REALLY frustrating!
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