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Another question for Castleton brides

Hi ladies,

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with their families!

I was curious what you and your bridesmaids are planning to do in terms of transportation to the ceremony/reception at Castleton. We will be getting ready in nearby Salem and it seems crazy to me to spend hundreds on a limo to take a ten minute ride to Castleton, where we are having the ceremony and the reception.

But I also don't want to stuff me and my bridesmaids into family member's cars. Any ideas?

Thank you!

Re: Another question for Castleton brides

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    So I appreciate any input. :)

    I think as it is now, we will just be taking family members cars. My wedding is on a Sunday afternoon, and most of my guests will just be driving home after the wedding and working  the next day.

    I'm worried if I get some sort of shuttle, there won't be enough people to use it. I also don't know who does shuttle services around the area.

    So thank you, kmphalan, for asking this question!
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    I was a Granite Rose bride, but we had the same dillema when we were planning because it just seemed silly to rent a limo when we didn't really need it...

    My dad rented a minivan and brought me, my bms, my grandma, himself and my mom.  it worked out great!
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    Since we are getting ready and staying at the holiday inn in salem, we are just going to use fmaily members cars.  I just can't rationalize spending the money.  I don't really think it will be that big a deal.  It does stink that we will definitely need to be in a couple of cars (5 bridesmaids), but at the end of the day i decided to just not worry about it.  If anyone comes up with inexpensive other options though, I would love to hear them!
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    We rented the party bus, from Grace Limo.  We were going to rent their shuttle van but we decided the bus was a better option since I have girls that ruined past bm dresses before in regular cars.  We didn't want to take the chance.  Plus the guys are getting ready 30 minutes away and all are out of town, so we wanted to get something nicer for everyone. 

    The shuttle vans from both Grace and Black Tie, were great though. 
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    We didn't have it in our budget for a 30 minute limo ride either. Some of the girls got dropped off where we were getting ready then we drove to the Castleton together we're we put our dresses on. When I was looking into it though, some of the limo companys will split the time up. If you want them to drop you off then pick you up at the end of the night. Or drop you off at the Castleton then bring you to the airport for your honeymoon the next day or say and split the time up that way.
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