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Wedding list on the Knot ?

On the guest list on the Knot there is a list "A" and list "B"  to be checked...what are those lists for ??  I cant seem to find out looking through the website....


Re: Wedding list on the Knot ?

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    Save yourself the headache. Don't use any of TK tools. They are unreliable.

    Also don't do a B list. They're rude.
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    The only use I have had for them is 1 counting how many people we KNOW are not coming and we know because they have told us once we told them our wedding date. They still got an invite but it was for budget purposes. 2 FIs parents are hosting a brunch the next morning. So to anyone that's coming to the wedding is on the a list. Anyone who is not coming is on the b list. Once we figure out who is staying over and thus we are assuming they are coming to brunch are being put as accepted. Until then we still have a count of who may be attending.
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    I think a so called A and B list can be helpful early in planning, when you're looking for venues and considering prices and such. Your A list would be the must have people, the people who you wouldn't have your wedding without. And then your B list would be the people you'd love to invite if you have the space and or money to invite them, but who you wouldn't miss unduly if you didn't. You'd then look for a venue with those lists in mind. We had our maybe list and our definitely list early in planning, and in the end we ended up being able to invite almost all of the maybe people, because they fit in our venue and our budget. You never want to have a B list that you invite people from as declines come in or anything like that, because its rude. But early in planning its a helpful sort of separation. I have to second that the tools the knot provides aren't reliable though.
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    Thanks for the suggestions! 

    What do you mean when you say the tools arent reliable?  just wondering.  I am using the guest list  for all the addressess, invites etc and then pulling the bach party, rehearsal dinner  and shower off of it as well.  That seems to be going ok.  Is there something that I should be keeping a close eye on for "unreliable"??!!
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    OOOOh gotcha... I will immediately be putting all my info on a spreadsheet!!!!

    thanks for all the suggestions!
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