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beach wedding for Michiganders

We are flip flopping ideas and need input...

We are thinking of having a beach wedding in FL by where my mom lives because we love the ocean! We are even highly thinking of moving there within the next few years. We went from having a 200 person wedding here to 160ish people and now the beach thing. We can't see spending a bunch of money on a wedding and are doing what we can to keep the cost down. If we have it here it would cost...

$550 FRI or $750 Sat for reception hall
$750 for photographer
$650 for DJ
$10 pp for food
$400-$500 for drinks and alcohol
not sure about cost of church... would prolly try to do a nature preserve or something to save on $$

those are the main costs and add what ever else... on the other hand we are thinking of keeping it real low-key. A Florida wedding with whoever can make it. Its about $200pp to fly down, we wouldn't pay for people. Who ever wants/can afford to mkae it, GREAT! And not even doing a fancy reception or anything. Thinking just a nice place on the beach that everyone can hang out at. Then when we get home having a gathering at the In-laws house. They have a large yard and are willing to do this for us. Cooking our own foods, playing our own music and keeping it real low key. Prolly about $1000 tops to do this.

Im unsure because I still want it to be meaningful and not just a blah time for people. We could even still keep the reception plans mentioned above even if we do a florida ceremony. I guess my biggest confusion is if we do a beach ceremony with 10-20 people what do people usually do afterwards? Nice restaurant that we pay for? or do we still do a reception hall there too? Not sure how to go about figuring this out. thanks for your help!!
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Re: beach wedding for Michiganders

  • I thought you didn't care about your wedding anymore?

    And yes regardless of the size of your wedding you should provide food for them after whether it be at a restaurant or your in laws, especially if they are travelling to make the ceremony.
  • because we are planning a summer 2012 wedding the plans need to be made regardless of family troubles. I am multi tasking =) And yes I know food must be provided either way, must not have expressed that very well, sorry!
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  • >>ceremony with 10-20 people what do people usually do afterwards?

    We did that.  We were married at 11:30 a.m. in the small dining room at the country club with huge windows, followed by a baked chicken lunch there.  Then we cut the cake and everyone had cake, and then after a while people left.
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