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Help, my future in laws will not contribute equally...

My future in laws will not contribute equally when my parents can't cover the other cost and they can easily afford it and i don't have a job so that's why I can't just ignore it and plan the wedding. I feel like I've spent all of my time worrying about this and it's distracted me from spending more time finding a job. I'm looking at a wedding cost of 25,000, that includes everything, and I mean everything. I don't think I'm planning a luxurious wedding at all. This has just been such a head ache Ive come to really dislike them. I feel like this wedding isn't starting out the way I'd like and i can't help but think. Maybe we should call it off for a year or 2 till I get a job and can afford it my self.

I don't see the point in being engaged if I'm going to be engaged for so long. I don't like being engaged and not making any progress on this too, it bother's me when people ask about the date and i say it's June of 2012 and it might not be.

I'm just going mad about this whole thing. i love my fiance, but i'm not crazy about his family or this situation.

My quesiton is how do I handle this, change their mind? Is that even possible? My fiance just isn't an arguer, he doesn't really want to get in volved in planning. He just wants me to have the day how I would like it to be:)

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