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Turning down a request

I've been asked to be a groomsmen for my sister's wedding.  Its a LONG WAYS away.  A good 15 months away.  Yes, 15 months.  I have a good relationship with the future brother-in-law.  My sister and I have had an "off and on" relationship our entire life.  Right now, its "on".  Me and my other siblings get along great.  Though, I've talked with my mother and I must admit I don't want to be a groomsman.  I've got my reasons.  Some reasonable, and yes, some unreasonable.  I won't lie on that one.  I've never had stage fright.  I've even acting some in high school, but over the last 5-6 years I developed a "disease/disorder" (epilepsy) where I get nervous/excited in front of people I tend to have SEIZURES.  It could be one person, five people, I wouldn't want to walk my mother in front of 200-400 people.  Though, I can go to a Redskins football game with 90,000 people and be fine. 
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