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Family In Law Sucks!

So I just have to get this out a bit. The family that I'm marrying into is quite ridiculous. I have been engaged to my FI for only like 2 months now but i've been around for 5 1/2 YEARS! (And we live together in our own house now) and to them I'm still not considered family, it doesn't even seem like i'm close! I'm not any of his niece's or nephews "aunt" etc. On my side he has been a permanent fixture forever. Well loved by parents, my niece calls him "Uncle Bud." I am less family to them then one of his sisters husband who have been married for like 6 months and together for 1 1/2 years before that. And I've been around longer and treated him better than he treats her. It just floors me. I know on paper I'm not but I thought that being nice and recieving was what being a family was about. Just had my birthday and his dad asked his sisters if since now i'm pretty much gonna be family if he should give me the "monetary gift" he gives his kids and one of his sisters goes "Give her a card and $10." (She married a millionaire real estate agent) The same sister that declared before we were engaged that she would not go wedding dress shopping with me. and his other sister's near first words after finding out we were engaged was "Don't feel obligated to have me as a bridesmaid, if you have friends you'd rather have then that is great"

I just don't know what I need to do for them! I'm at all the functions. Always nice. Babysit their kids. Buy their kids gifts. Bring dishes to family get togethers. Buy them all gifts for their damn birthdays. I truly wish I could tell them where to shove it!
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