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Do you save greeting cards?

My mom is very much a card person and sends one on every single holiday, my Birthday and then a few in between.  I have saved every card from her since I was around the age of 12.  I am now 28... so you can imagine I have a ton!  I also save cards from my Aunt and best friends who send them on occasion. 

I guess I look at them as something very sentimental to me.  I also love having something to look back on years down the road.  Other than cards and a few other sentimental items I am not a hoarder by any means.. in fact, strangely enough I love throwing out any papers that we do not need.

Just curious if you hold on to your cards?  I need a good way to store and organize them, too... right now I have a clear storage bin that is filled, but they are all jumbled together.  I do have a few in elastic bands that are from a certain event... my 13th birthday for example.  I would love ideas for a better way to store them!  Thanks!
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