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Yes She Said that!

I thought this was rude but funny at the same time.

One of my BM said She thinks my wedding dress doesn't flatter me and she doesn't like it. Its ugly. Note: She saw a blurry picture of me in the dress when I showed her the dress then she was like its ok.

I was caught off guard when she said it. I respect comments but it was kind of rude to say at the same time. She also hates the color I choose for the BMs, my other BM and I were like she's super Diva right now bc she started her fashion design school this whole new I'm the "isht" attitude came out. I find it entertaining and amusing slightly annoying but more amusing and very proud of her art work even if its not my style.

This is my dress!
*Singing* I can see clearly now the rain is gone, its going to be a bright.... BRIGHT.... bright sun shinny day!
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